Kombine: World's First Slim Storage Water Bottle

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Transféré par Andrew Liu à Toronto
Region: Toronto and Area Region      Category: Retail Goods
School Name: University of Toronto Schools

I'm Andrew LIu, a 16-year-old inventor and entrepreneur. Reusable water bottles have become a staple in the daily lives of millions, but with your hands and pockets already full, it becomes one more item that you have to keep track of in your everyday carry. The Kombine is the perfect solution that reduces hassle and adds convenience to our increasingly busy lives. With the Kombine, you can say goodbye to your bulky pockets and items in disarray, keeping the things you need at arms reach.


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Hi everyone, I'm Andrew Liu, a 16-year-old inventor and entrepreneur. When I was 14, I was assigned the Mashup project in art class, where we combined two items to make something cool and innovative. I decided to add a pencil case to a water bottle, to make the first version of the Kombine. I wanted to make life easier for me and my friends, by reducing the hassle of carrying things from class to class and making sure we don’t lose things. My classmates told me “hey, that's pretty cool, I actually want one”. Then, I started thinking, this could be more than just a school art project. Many people are having increasingly busy lives, carrying around so many items, on top of a water bottle. Why can’t everyone have an extra layer of convenience in their lives? So, I learnt 3D design and with the help of a mentor, created the world’s first slim & portable storage water bottle, by changing the pencil case to a more versatile swinging vault that can hold things like granola bars, keys, mints, and even credit cards. All you have to do is swing. I also chose to be creative with the lid, it swings too to go along with the theme. Let’s show some everyday scenarios, queue the video!

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