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School Name: Moira Secondary School

'Imagine That’, is a virtual reality design shop that uses the latest cutting edge technologies to advance character design and creation.


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Hello. My name is Mackenzie McGuire and I am an artist. My company, ‘Imagine That’, is a virtual reality design shop that uses the latest cutting edge technologies to advance character design and creation. Now in an age of technology like today, where apps and artificial intelligence appear to be taking over the world, why talk about an art company? I’ll give you two good reasons: First, Art improves our daily lives by bringing beauty into our world. Second, Art encourages problem solving. It encourages critical thinking. It enables communication.  Think about what Da Vinci or Galileo or Darwin did with simple sketchbooks. Just imagine if they had a limitless virtual reality environment to help create and communicate their ideas to the world? My company, Imagine That, uses VR design programs to push the limits of creativity and exploration. Designing in virtual reality enables the artist to make the most incredible character designs imaginable, as well as the world surrounding that character. Imagine That will offer custom, original character designs in a variety of media. Digital copies that can be viewed in VR, or as wallpapers and screensavers. 2d print outs, but most importantly, 3d printed models of your personalized character. The market space for ‘Imagine That’ is my generation - the video game generation. Every Comicon and video game tournament offers my company the opportunity to display and sell my product in the artists alley. But more than just selling art, I will be on the cutting edge of introducing a whole new type of art to the younger generation. Art that makes people say ‘Wow. This is so cool!’ The world needs science - but it also very much needs art. Where this virtual reality art is headed is anyone’s guess. But I guarantee you it will be very exciting. Imagine that.

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Mary Leslie posté 2018-04-04 3:38pm

Fantastic concept - very impressed with your business

Duffy McGuire posté 2018-03-27 11:10am

Human creativity is one of the few advantages we have over computers - we must ensure we foster this unique trait.


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