The Wydlis Course

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School Name: Markville Secondary School

The Wydlis Course is an online course that teaches skills that teens do not learn in school but are extremely important when advancing in their lives. I will be teaching most of the classes, but with special appearances from industry specific workers coming and teaching the class, for more specific topics. This course is to teach these skills as a foundation for teens to build upon their industry specific skills after progressing through high school. I hope to fill the gap with the Wydlis Course


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Hi my Name is Austin Chan, and this is my pitch From 1000 students, 74 percent, felt their schools did not prepare them for the adult world. Growing up from a teen to adult is hard, I get it, But I think i have the solution. My business Idea is the Wydlis course. The What you didn't learn in school course. Teaching useful skills to young adults on their transition to becoming an adult. The Wydlis course is composed of resources I will create, which mainly focuses on practical skills that teens don't learn in school, but are essential on their route to adulthood. “The course itself will be composed of 5 categories: Social Skills, Money, Self Growth, Lifestyle, and Professional Development The course will be available online, allowing for a broader target market. Teens all across the world will be able to access my course, as the restrictions of time and geography are eliminated through online learning. My revenue stream will be through consumers purchasing the course to gain access to the videos and resources that I will create. Promotion will be done through social media and word of mouth advertising. I believe that there’s a gap, a gap that these skills hinder millenials from reaching their potential, they spend so much time building their assets they forget about the foundation skills. Millenials are the backbone of the future, if I can fill the gap with this course, they can spend more time doing what they are passionate about. The Wydlis course will teach the necessary skills, so they can focus on what's more important. I truly believe that I will be a successful candidate for this position as I have taught over 3 thousand students on my other online courses. This will be a massive improvement on both quality and quantity. We are not only pushing for practicality but are we are reaching for life skills. If you believe in my business idea, help me by voting and sharing this around social media.

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knee grow posté 2018-04-03 9:27am

I love it

Aishvar Bharani posté 2018-03-28 11:21am

good work pal:)

Stanley Tan posté 2018-03-27 1:27pm

I love your idea <333~~~~

Pritika Theva posté 2018-03-27 10:00am

The Wydlis Course is something that the world needs.

Godfrey Cheng posté 2018-03-27 9:54am

Good Job Austin! Way to go!!


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