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Region: Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board      Category: Technology
School Name: St.Marcellinus Secondary School

Travale is a mobile app that connects homeowners, who need small jobs completed to students who are looking to complete work in their neighbourhood.


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Hi there, my name is Geeth, and i'm Ben, and we are going to talk to you a little bit about our business idea, Travale. Travale is a mobile app that can connect homeowners to the youth in the community to complete small jobs. Nowadays people live such busy lives, that it can be challenging to complete household tasks, and for many teenagers, it is challenging to find part-time work that fits their busy schedule. Our idea helps both parties, as students can earn money without sacrificing their schedule, and homeowners can get their household tasks completed without sacrificing any time from their lives. We will succeed because there is a clear market for our app. 92% of high school students would be willing to complete small jobs through our app. Also 1 in 3 homeowners would be willing to use our app to find workers in their neighborhood. We will generate revenue through mobile advertisements. We will later add the option of mobile payment, where Travale will collect a 10% fee from all transactions. Our target market is youth aged 14-25 who will be completing the small jobs, and homeowners aged 30 and above, who will be requesting for a job to be completed. Let us show you how it works. Ben is a high school student. He sees that it’s snowing outside. Like many students Ben would like to shovel some driveways in his neighbourhood for some extra cash. He logs onto Travale and makes a post for his neighbours to see. He fills in the required information, sets his distance that he is willing to travel, and sets a price for his service. The ad is now posted on the application for all his neighbours to see. Geeth is a busy homeowner. He sees that it’s snowing outside, but he doesn’t have time to shovel his driveway, so he decides to log onto Travale. He sets his location and the type of service that he needs, and hits search. He sees Ben’s ad for snow removal in his neighbourhood. He checks out Ben’s profile, where he can view Ben’s previous jobs. Ben and Geeth get in contact through the app and decide a time to meet up, so that Ben can shovel Geeth’s driveway. While Ben does the hard work outside, Geeth can continue to do his work inside. Upon completion, Ben is paid for the service that he has completed. Travale is not only for shoveling driveways. It covers all mailbox services, which include lawn care, dog walking, babysitting, cleaning and many more . Visit for more information.

3 Commentaires

Raahini Varaday posté 2017-04-12 1:47pm

This is such a wonderful idea! Its amazing how you've already created a prototype of the app and were able to display it in your pitch Hope you win!

Shirley Lee posté 2017-04-06 3:43pm

Great idea! Great video!

Megan Harvey posté 2017-04-06 2:55pm

This is the best idea, I would totally benefit from it, and I know that other people would too! I hope you win!


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